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    친구들, 보고 싶었어요! 
    (Friends, I missed you!)

         THERE IS NOTHING MORE SATISFYING than wearing clothes you have personally made. Anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I love sewing, knitting, and any other type of creative work. If you are not already familiarized with this sweater I am wearing, quickly run to THIS POST where you can find out how and why I started making it (*shudder* I personally want to forget that week). These pants are the other pair I spoke about in THIS POST and they actually have a corresponding jacket which I made three years ago for New Year's eve. I obviously have never worn them together to avoid looking like I am going to an interview which is kind of ironical because today I went to an unofficial interview to settle my internship schedule at a translation/interpretation firm I got accepted in. 
           As I previously stated in Korean, I really missed you guys along with posting and writing for this blog. Although inactive, I was very thrilled to see comments awaiting me every time I logged in, comments for which I am entirely grateful! The reason behind my being MIA was the eye-swelling drugs-taking hospital-checking hysteria which filled my past two weeks. My eye swelled two Thursdays ago and, with our new genius health system where you have to make an appointment in order to go under any examination, I ended up visiting a specialist 5 days later when my swelling was already gone with antibiotics. Luckily, my parents knew a woman in the State Hospital's Microbiology department where I got a swab taken from my eyes. The results, to my relief, were negative. Why did my eye swell? It shall forever remain a mystery!
           Now that everything is flowing in a relatively normal order, I am hoping that my friend and I will be able to shoot more photos for you to see. I hope that my upcoming midterms will prove to be less a drag. But if I happen to disappear, know that I am under a pile of books, sporting panda eyes, and nursing a major headache. Double program - double trouble!

    P.S. It's Mommy's birthday today! ^^

    Thank you for reading and have a nice week loves.
    <3 Dilek

    O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:

    Sweater: READ HERE // Pants: BurdaStyle // Ankle Boots & Wishbone Necklace: Bershka // Watch: Oriflame // Sunglasses: Tera Nova // Earrings: old // Clutch: DIY (by Mommy)  
    Photos by Ana


    1. The look is so classy!!<3


    2. Replies
      1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with pastels this year ^^

    3. I love the knit of your sweater xD You are multifunctional :D You sew, knit, do DIY stuff... is there anything you can't do on our own? - I don't think so! Regards :*