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          BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS is my first time wearing a maxi skirt. Be it the ridiculous belief that long skirts are not for short girls, or the fear of being ostracized from the "cool" city clique whose outfits always consist of short and bodycon garments, maxi skirts were always a taboo for me. However, I realized living with the hope that in the future I could reside in a city where I could dress up more to my personal preferences and less to avoid being singled out as the outlandish girl, is purely wasting the present. So this morning when my mom and I went out to shop for more fabrics(we can never have enough of those at home!), I used the perfectly sunny weather to wear this softly-knitted dove-gray skirt which my mom pulled out for me some time ago. 
          There comes a time when every girl realizes that dressing to fit in is just a way of being pigeonholed by society, and that being happy with oneself is probably the greatest validation you will ever get in life. How many of us have pieces in our closets that we always put aside "for later"? Sometimes saving clothes for a special occasion is completely reasonable, but unless that occasion is completely formal or involves dressing up pink feathers, then you are wasting precious everyday potential. 

    “I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all.” 
    ― Coco Chanel

    Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend loves, and don't forget to
    Lots of love,

    O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:

    Jacket: Burda Modemagazin 09/2008; model: 122 // Blouse: BurdaStyle (don't remember which one :/) // Bag: old // Skirt: old // Wide silver bangle bracelet: Stradivarius // Ankle Boots: Bershka // Sunglases: Tera Nova


    1. Great tweed jacket. Such a great layering piece. Looks great with your grey skirt.


      1. Yes, it's so versatile. And thank you! ^^



    3. Well said. Why everyone try to fit in society?! Doesn't wearing what suits you the best make you stand out? - Sure it does :D I never try to wear what is popular in the season - I wear what suits me the best, and I respect people who does that :D

      P.S. That maxi skirt is awesome. I would definitely wear it (as a fun of maxi skirts) xD

      1. Thank you! I do the same thing. If the clothes look good who cares if they are old?