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    Ankle Boots: Il Cammino       
            OKAY...SO THESE JUST HAPPENED. It was a whim type of thing, but I have been wanting a pair of burgundy booties ever since last year when the fashion world went viral about this color, but I never found that perfect pair. Until now. I was really enamored with this pair the second I saw them two weeks ago, but I was trying to convince myself out of buying them. 

    "The season is almost over."
    "They are not that pretty."
    "You will blow your money now and will not be able to buy that pair of oxfords you wanted for spring."
    "The economy is not good, you should have as much money in your wallet as you can."

    <insert scoff sound effect here>

            The first worry was my least one because I am not the type of person who is obsessed with trends. Yes, I do occasionally go crazy about the last "it" thing, but I rarely stop wearing an item just because its trend ended. Versatility is key! I can already imagine countless combinations with these beauties! Oh and get this - they are extra COMFY! So what if the weather is warming up? It's still March and crazy auntie March knows how to surprise us. If not, I could always wear sneakers to school. According to the last street style photographs, the fashion world approves of sneakers now. Isn't that neat?
             So what do you think? Have you ever been in a similar situation? 

    Thank you for visiting and have a nice start to your week! I know I did! ^^
    <3 Dilek


    1. Wow these shoes are amazing! I really like your blog, it's so professional! How did you do that? Can you maybe give me some advices? It would be so great, because I really struggle with my blog...
      Gretchen vonDüsterwald

      1. First of all, it makes me happy that you think that way! ^^ I only started my blog recently, so I cannot claim to be an expert, but I would like to know in what way are you struggling? (the look on your blog, the content, the readership?) Since I don't really know your reason, I advise you to go to this webpage http://heartifb.com/ (if you haven't already) and read their articles. They are so helpful! If you still need some advice and want to talk to me, feel free to e-mail me. ^^

    2. Kickas burgundy cool ankle boots!!! OMG! And I love the way you displayed them too, very 'coveteur'! So glad I clicked on your comment on TLINQUE's blog and got led back here to yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. By the way, I just upload one of my MOST POPULAR POST of my attendance to THE CHANEL SHOPPING CENTER in PARIS! Seriously! Go see how I play with Coco cookie boxes, play with RIHANNA, and push around a Chanel shopping cart and shop like an insatiable looter! It was my highlight of Paris Fashion Week. <3 #CHANEL

      xx The Provoker

      1. Thank you, I am so glad you like my blog!^^ I saw the post, by the way, it was awesome!

    3. I don't blame you for getting seduced by these babies. That color, and the zipper. Oh goodness, I may need to sit down before I swoon. What does the heel look like? I'd love to see an outfit post soon with these booties.


      Another Beautiful Thing

      1. They have a chunky heel which is extra comfortable. I will definitely post an outfit post wearing these as soon as I get around to shooting some photos. Stay tuned! <3

    4. lovely blog! let's keep in touch! http://justrosesarered.blogspot.com/ :)

    5. lovely blog! let's keep in touch! http://justrosesarered.blogspot.com/ :)

    6. those boots are amazing!

      xx Frankie


    7. piekne buty, czekam na stylizacje z nimi i zdanie czy są wygodne!;)

      1. I am so sorry I don't understand Polish (right?) but I think I got the message behind your comment. Thank you and I will shoot photos with them as soon as I can! ^^